About Us

Joella Williams


Joella Williams is the Executive Director, and Founder of the non-profit organization Kreative Arts Therapy Institute, and KATI Books Publishing Company. She uses creative educational techniques to teach music primarily to children with and without disabilities.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations for the Performing Arts with a minor in Music Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and completed graduate courses in the Music Therapy and Master’s of Public Administration programs from California State University Northridge.

Joella saw the need for both parents and children to learn how to read music in an enjoyable way. This need was the inspiration for the development of Clef Notes: Discovering the World of Music Series. Joella has self- published three children’s books with many more to follow. Future stories will teach others how to read the treble and bass notes on the staff, recognition of musical instruments, and how to read rhythms.

Jennifer Diaz


Jennifer Diaz is a painter and an art teacher who resides in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Jennifer’s painting style is unique, using fine art oil glazing methods with acrylic medium to achieve a glow and luster in each painting that is unexpected and playful.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Los Angeles’ Occidental College. Jennifer has studied under such renowned artists as Edward Warren, Linda Lyke, and Linda Bessemer. The Clef Notes series is her first work as a children’s book illustrator.

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