Clef Notes: Discovering the World of Music

is a series of children’s books, games and activities designed to teach children and adults how to read, understand, and enjoy the world of music together.

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“Thanks for letting me be one of the Bug Band series guinea pigs! My only regret is there’s only 3 books so far. My son loves the books. We read them every time we’re together.”

Mike Bolger • Professional Musician

Grasshopper playing the saxophone

“Music enhances the plasticity of many different brain regions to the benefit of the individual not only in music appreciation but also in language development and skills.”

Dr. Mark Liker • Neurosurgeon/Parent


“We are parents of 5 children under age 7. These books provide a fantastic insight into the exciting world of music using characters kids love most such as bugs and super heroes. What a creative way to explain how to read music on the staff.”

Dr. Heather Owens-Mayo • Pharm. D, M.S.
Edward Mayo • Mechanical Engineer, CPDT, CPFT 

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